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Welcome to Destiny 2, guardian! The world of the guardians is always filled with mysterious, abstract lingo that are often used by fellow peers. Sometimes, you will encounter certain words used in the community forum, which might not be clear at first glance. Hence, I have compiled a list of the keywords used by the Desitny 2 community as of Janurary 2022, which is just before the Witch Queen expansion pack release.

  • New light: a common term used to refer new players in Destiny 2.
  • Blueberry: another term similar to the term “new light”, but often used in patronizing context to refer to inexperienced players in competitive game modes.
  • Loadout: the set of weapons and armours a player is equipped when they start a new activity.
  • Cheese: doing an unconventional method to bypass a tricky activity,
  • Sunsetting: making older weapons and armours obsolete, which can no longer increase their power level. This makes them useless in higher tier activities like raids or iron banner where power level matters.
  • Proc: activate an effect upon a trigger
  • DPS: Damage Per Second. Also often used as a verb to refer to the act of dealing damage. Or a noun to reference the damage output of a weapon
  • Load in: starting a new activity in the game.
  • God roll: the perks, options of the weapons that are considered the best by destiny players. The opinion of what a god roll is may depend on each person and their play style.
  • Div: short for Divinity, an exotic trace rifle that makes enemy susceptible to higher damage
  • Sherpa: people who teach others the mechanics of the game, often a raid
  • Buff: a beneficial effect applied on a player or another target.
  • Debuff: an effect applied on a player or a target to create a disadvantage.
  • Builds: armour customization and enhancements. Players can use mods, purchased from vendors like ADA-1 or Banshee-44 and apply them to armours to achieve additional effects, like dealing more damage to enemies, regaining abilities quickly and more. For a detailed guide, check out the suggested builds at:
  • Ad clear: defeating multiple waves of enemies quickly. Often refers to clearing minor, weaker enemies.
  • AoE: Area of Effect which often means an effect activation that spread over an area, like the Vortex grenade that deals damage within a circle or the explosive rounds fired from a rocket launcher that damages a group of enemies.
  • LFG: Looking For Group. A common term used to gather players for different coop activities like raids, dungeons, strikes, nightfall, crucible.
  • Nade: informal abbreviated word for grenades.
  • PvP: Player versus Player. It often refers to competitive game modes like Crucible, Rumble, Trials of Osiris in which players compete against each other.
  • PvE: Player vs Environment. The term refers to game modes like Strikes, Nightfall,
  • Salty: an adjective often used as an informal lingo to refer to the agitated attitude of players.
  • SMG: short for Submachine gun, a type of weapon in Destiny 2
  • TWAB: This Week At Bungie. A weekly blog post from Bubgie that includes the game patch notes, hot fix, bug tracking issues and feature updates. Players often read the TWAB for the latest game and feature changes.
  • Meta: Most Efficent Tool Available. The word is often used to
  • Nerf: Weakening the effect of a feature in the game, often refers to player abilities, weapon features and damage output.
  • Teabag: the act of standing up and crouching down of a player. It often means the patronizing, pity attitude towards another player.
  • RPM: Rounds Per Minute. Often means how many rounds of the weapon are fired per minute. The higher RPM the faster the weapon fires.
  • Thrallway CP: a check point for the stage with thralls in the Shattered Throne dungeon in the Forsaken expansion pack.
  • Encounter: a noun often used in raids. It typically refers to a phase in a raid, like the defending the conflux in the Vault of Glass raid.
  • Wipe: Self-inflicting damage untill your character runs out of health, or other methods that cause your entire team runs out of health. People often use this word to restart an phase/encounter in a raid.
  • Well: refers to Well of Radiance, a Solar Warlock subclass. Well of Radiance is useful for keeping allies alive while boosting weapon damage.
  • Main: Someone who often plays one specific character often.
  • KWTD: Know What To Do. Often used in groups to indicate that you should be able to do an activity without guidance or teaching.
  • 1k: One Thousand Voices fusion rifle.
  • Sleeper: Sleeper Simulant fusion rifle.
  • Flawless: No dying in the game.
  • Carry: Having other team members carry out tasks for you in an acitivity.
  • Griefers: people who sabotage others in the game.