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Technology muse, node.js and more

Content creator exploring the vast world of Linux and open source softwares.


Content writing

I have written articles for Vancouver's cultural newspaper The Source and What's on Queer in BC , an online LGBT press for local queers.

I have also been a ghostwriter (article author without attribution and copyright) for various clients and products.

I also enjoy sharing my thoughts on various topics on my blog .

Web application development

I can speak in

to developers. I have also built responsive web apps for using both front-end and back-end technologies.

My current tech stack includes:

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Next.js, Bootstrap, Highcharts.js
  • Back-end: Node.js, Express.js, Next.js
  • Deployment: Heroku, CPanel using Phusion Passenger, Github Pages

Document builder and static site generator deployment

I am currently using Docusaurus as my main document builder. Docusaurus is a React-based static site generator that is geared towards documenters and technical writers. It allows HTML, CSS and Javascript customization for diverse looks and appearance while still allowing writers to focus on writing contents. It is easily deployed on Github Pages.

Currently looking into

  • Python document builder Sphinx
  • XML framework DITA