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I wrote a quick start guide on using ShellJS - a Javascript library that ports Bash-like commands to Javascript. The guide provides an overview of Bash command lines, ShellJS. I also provided initial setup guide, and some example usage for ShellJS.

Press Releases

Client: Phytoextractions Inc.

Phytoextractions is a Canadian cannabis company that specializes in high, concentrated THC products like shatter, THC concentrates, bringing customers long lasting and enjoyable experience compated to other cannabis products.

All press releases are written in AP style, with reviewed feedback from the internal Marketing team.

Published press releases:

Online Web Copies

Client: Phytoextractions Inc.

I have created and contributed to the complete product catalog, The catalogs goal is to inform the readers of product features, usage and best practices.

The product catalog is published at:

Client: Pavilion Fund

Scope: Homepage content revision and redesign to promote Pavilion Fund's exclusive service for investments.

To see the content, please send a request to view my work on Google Doc.

News & Entertainment Articles

I am a regular contributor to local press and newspaper that reports on the latest news and trends. All articles and pitches are vetted and approved by editors.

What's on Queer BC

The Source Vancouver

My author profile and all published articles:

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Social Media Posts

All social media copies are planned and written prior to publishing date, which ensures a consistent publishing shcedule and content for visiting audience.