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· 2 min read

This website is built using Docusaurus - a React-based document builder and static site generator.

Contents on This Site

Here, you will find miscellaneous notes and guides about various technologies. I hope it can also be useful for wandering visitors on the web as well :)

Clone This Site

You can view this website's source code on my Github account


You will need to install the following tools on your computer before starting:

  1. git
  2. nodejs
  3. npm (usually coupled with nodejs)

Downloading the Source Code and Building the Site

To clone this website, type in the following command in your powershell/ bash terminal:

# create a copy of my Github's files on the local computer
git clone

# navigate to the newly copied directory

# use npm to install all dependencies and start the local web server
npm install
npm start

Open the local site at http://localhost:3000.

Docusaurus can transform .md Markdown files into HTML to display as a web page. This introduction page is written in a .md file!


For more indormation on how to use Docusaurus, visit their online documentation at

You can also visit my Github account to create a pull request or raise issues if needed.